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2020: New Year, New Recruiting Strategies

With the new year starting many people are looking to go on to bigger and better things. Career changes are frequent around the begging of the year because of new year’s resolutions and recruiters have to be prepared and conform to new recruiting trends to be successful in getting top talent.

With many advances in technology and changes in trends from year to year, it’s essential also to implement new recruiting strategies.


Employer branding is a big factor of a company’s success when it comes to recruiting new talent. If a company has a bad reputation, it will have a difficult time to find applicants and their retentions rate will decrease over time. Employer branding is a significant recruiting trend for 2020 because 75% of candidates are researching a company’s reputation before applying and 69% of candidates would NOT accept a job in a firm with a bad reputation even if they wouldn’t have a job, according to LinkedIn.

The 1Mentor student recruitment platform provides employers with the ability to create an Employer Profile that will have the ability to communicate and build your employer brand effectively.

Some of the components that the Employer Profile consists of are:

  • Company’s overview, mission, and values
  • Ability to post videos to target student candidates
  • Perks and benefits
  • Student testimonials

Communicating your brand through video is also an up and coming key recruitment strategy. Video, regarding branding, gives the companies the ability to showcase their culture, team dynamic, and insight into a day working at the particular company.


The goal of the screening tools that recruiters use is to reduce time spend sorting through applications in the early stages of the process and use the saved time to interview candidates and build relationships.

The advanced screening tool and Resume Search provided by 1Mentro has the ability to filter through the student’s profiles with many different search criteria as per the recruiter’s objective.

A unique screening tool that’s offered is the ability to hot online assessment and competitions. The advantages of this are that the employers can further engage with potential candidates and also to assess the student’s skills by seeing how they perform in problem-solving activities, creative assessments and more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are technologies that were frequently talked about in 2019, and they will also be a big part of the conversation in 2020. The AI capabilities will optimize results and candidate engagement. The gap between candidates’ qualifications and job requirements will be closed since the advanced technology will be able to determine the kind of jobs students are looking while comparing it to the current job board.


With all the technology that is being used in the recruitment process, it is nice to have the possibility to interact with a candidate before they apply for a position. As a recruiter, it is essential to foster a relationship with the candidate so that they feel like more than just a number and feel that you are invested in helping them in the future. Making the candidate the focus, letting them know the employer’s value propositions and present them with opportunities to grow within the company is more likely to result in long-term employment. 

The 1Mentor platform gives employers the ability to get in touch by directly messaging students on the platform and invite them to apply to their jobs or keep them updates on new opportunities.