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We help colleges and universities adapt to the demands of the modern workforce, one student at a time.

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Empower students with AI-driven industry insights

1Mentor's interactive tool helps institutions prepare students for the evolving job market. Our real-time data and personalized career planning connect industry demands with higher education, tracking student progress and offering relevant upskilling opportunities.

Overcome employability barriers and equip students with the skills and tools to thrive in the future of work.

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Make a difference for your students.

Prepare students for future disruptions

Empower students with information to be in the driver's seat of their career, even when the labor market impacts the journey.

Tackle the skills articulation problem

Track and understand students’ needs and interests, and help them identify and communicate their skills.

Meet employers' and students' demands

Learn where your students want to work and help them accomplish their goals by fostering job-ready talent.

Give your learners personalized guidance.

Accelerate students' careers with personalized guidance understanding their current preparation and goals.

1Mentor's impact according to
higher-ed leaders


Believe 1Mentor could help students understand the career opportunities available after graduation.


Believe 1Mentor could help students understand the skills employers require for positions in their field.


Believe 1Mentor could help students improve their employability outcomes.


Believe 1Mentor could help students achieve their career objectives.

What university leaders say

This platform will have a tremendous impact on higher education,employer and university relationships, and student outcomes.

Deputy Vice President

We desperately need to know this information. This is huge! In order to launch new programs or enhance current programs, you have to know this.

Sr. Co-op Education
Programs Manager

To provide personalized insights and recommendations to students is the turning point for preparing our students for the future of work.

Director of Career Education,
University of Alberta

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