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Equipping today’s learners,
for tomorrow’s work.

Use AI to understand industry’s ever-changing demands and empower students to outpace future disruptions.

For Learners

With 1Mentor understand how the world is evolving and get ahead of future trends. We built a sustainable collaboration system between industry and academia to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

For Advisors

Help your students thrive with ground-breaking technology developed by experts and automatized real-time and data-based recommendations. This is your chance to make your students flourish.

Why 1Mentor?

Enhance Curricular and
Co-curricular Offerings

Equip Students with

Address Skills
Articulation Problem

 Work with faculty to
see what is and what will be covered by traditional curricula. Connect students to third-party upskilling opportunities.

This will allow
them to understand career opportunities. Students can then make more informed decisions about their individual career interests and job opportunities

Support students in identifying the skills they have and help them develop strategies on how to communicate them with potential employers.

Understand students’ preparation and their gaps

Business development to meet employers’ and students’ demands

Personalized Career
Guidance at Scale

By understanding both sides, supply and demand of skills, we can then understand the gaps to efficiently and effectively address them. 

Where do students want to work? What roles are students interested in? Industry specific business development. Academic program specific business development

Share insights with students during advising sessions to manage expectations and help guide them to the opportunities that are currently available for them. 

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