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Not knowing what  job is right for me is definitely something that already worries me, and I'm not even halfway through my degree!
Where do I start when I find a career I’m interested in, but I can’t access any knowledge about the skills that are important for that career?
I think we should really learn more practical knowledge—once you’re on the job, you realize you haven’t learned all the skills you need.

Sound familiar?

Most students struggle to find a clear path to a career.

We empower you to overcome skill gaps, discover diverse career options, and increase your employability.

Unlock your potential. Close skill gaps for your dream job

Unleash your job potential with AI: 1Mentor’s Platform tool gives you personalized skill-building recommendations based on your interests and employer data to become job-ready.

Data from 100 Million+ Job Postings
Real-time Insights on Industry Skill Trends
Course Recommendations Tailored to You
Top universities in STEM, Innovation, and Co-operative Education

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Explore diverse career pathways

Discover roles that align with your preferences, skills and professional goals.

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Discover the skills employers value most

Identify essential skills required to find relevant opportunities and achieve career success.

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Tailored course recommendations

With these course options you're ready to take control of your journey and start upskilling!

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Of learners believe 1Mentor can help them achieve their career objectives.


Of learners believe 1Mentor can improve their employability outcomes.


Of learners rated their understanding of employer’s skills demands higher than 7/10 after using 1Mentor, a 3x increase from 32% before.

What our students say

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It is a very powerful tool, especially for continued development and finding the skills you need. 1Mentor is that one-stop shop where you can find what you need to do to continue improving, while you look for other careers down the line.

Zach Logar
Student, Purdue University
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I am delighted. It is a game-changing technology to advance students’ careers. The platform takes into account your current skill set and tells you exactly what you need to achieve your career goals.

William Hsu
Student, University of Waterloo

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